Press Release 3 December 2001

Lobby for Peace in Palestine 10 December 2001

On Monday 10 December 2001, the Glasgow Hilton Hotel hosts one of the three UK 100th anniversary celebrations of the Jewish National Fund. Their guest speaker will be former US President Bill Clinton. Mr Clinton is not only raising funds for this racist UK charity but will also benefit, himself, financially. Not forgetting the intention of the JNF to reward Clinton by naming a reservoir in the Negev Desert after him.

It is the view of Scottish Friends of Palestine that the guiding philosophy of the JNF, its activities in the occupied Palestinian territories are all obstacles to peace in Palestine.

It is also the view of Scottish Friends of Palestine that the presence of the former US president at this function belies the belief that he was ever an “honest broker” and that his administration was ever “even handed” when it came to resolving the many differences between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Members of Scottish Friends of Palestine, and supporters, intend to lobby the guests at this event between 6pm and 7.30pm at the William Street entrance to the Hilton’s car park.

Thereafter at the Moir Hall, Mitchell Street where there will be a public meeting:


Bill Speirs – Gen Sec STUC Yael Kahn – Israeli human rights activist
Tommy Sheridan MSP
Tariq Ali
Marion Woolfson – journalist
Prof Jonathan Farley – Green Party – USA

There will be an opportunity at the meeting to interview the speakers and the organisers.

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