Press Release 9 June 2006

Scottish Friends of Palestine expresses no surprise at the recent slaughter on Gaza beach. Given the actions of the occupier since it relocated the occupation infrastructure to the outside of the Gaza perimeter fence it was a matter of time until this beach massacre of the innocents happened. The inevitable promised investigation – a response which is now virtually an industry in Israel – will be carried out – and business-as-usual will continue as the order of the day.

The racist mentality of the occupier will continue to dominate and dictate the actions of the Israeli state.

However, Scottish Friends of Palestine expresses its disgust at the continuing acquiescence of the British government and the European Union with regard to the murderous and inhumane practices of the occupier.

These practices ensure that

-no meaningful economic activity can be carried out in the Palestinian territories under occupation

-the people continue to starve and lapse into despair as a consequence

-given the legitimate right of any occupied people to resist a military occupation, further conflict will inevitably ensue

-the mantra of the occupier – that there is no peace partner – is now justified in the eyes of the occupier and supporter

-the occupation becomes further entrenched

-the “security” which the occupier claims for itself continues to be an illusion

-the rights of all the Palestinian people, which must be acknowledged if peace is ever to be a reality, continue to be side-lined

-peace is far away as ever

And if governments fail to act then there is no alternative but for those outside the corridors of power to act – with a TOTAL BOYCOTT of the Israeli state, its products and its institutions, being the requisite and essential, non-violent approach.

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