Resistance Art Calendar 2012

“Colors from Palestine” 2012 Calendar is dedicated to the memory of Mahmoud Darwish. He was able to see what no one else can see: in life, politics, and even people, expressing his visions in a language that seems to be made only for him to write with. The calendar can be viewed at

Born on 13 March 1941 in Al Birweh, a  village in the Galilee, Mahmoud Darwish went on to live a life that is a poignant example of how far talent and determination, combined with a precarious life, can carry an individual from a simple background into the international halls of fame. At the early age of seven, Darwish and his family were forced to flee to Lebanon to escape the ongoing massacres by the Israeli Army as it occupied Palestine and, in the process, destroyed the poet’s village (in addition to over 400 other Palestinian villages). Returning “illegally” to their country the following year, he and his family were subjected to military rule and emergency regulations of the State of Israel established over expropriated Palestinian land. They were given the status of “present-absent alien,” a status that will mark the poet from that point onwards, preventing him from ever finding his homeland, except in his language and his ever-loving audience.

UPDATE: Scottish Friends of Palestine have now sold out of our allocation of these calendars. Thank you for your support.

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