Go to Gaza and cry, ‘Never Again’

To be the guests of Israel without mentioning its crimes; to commemorate the Holocaust
while ignoring its lessons; to visit Jerusalem without traveling to the Gaza ghetto on
International Holocaust Remembrance Day – one can barely think of any greater
hypocrisy . . . . When today they recite ad nauseam ‘never again,’ one should cast one’s
eyes honestly to the south and east, only a few kilometres away from the memorial hall
at Yad Vashem. . .[to the site of the village of Deir Yassin – Ed]
Referring to Gaza as a “concentration camp.”
There’s no holocaust there, only apartheid. No annihilation, but a systematic
brutalization of a nation. Not Auschwitz, but Gaza. How can one ignore this on
International Holocaust Remembrance Day?
Trump’s ‘peace plan’
. . .  include Israel annexing vast tracts of the occupied West Bank, canceling the right
of return of Palestinian refugees and stripping hundreds of thousands of Palestinian
citizens of Israel of their citizenship
23/01/2020 Ha’aretz Gideon Levy

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