Israeli navy attacks Palestinian fishermen off coast of Gaza

 IMEMC 30/6/20

Israeli naval vessels attacked, early on Tuesday morning, a number of Palestinian fishing boats, off the coast of Gaza, while Israeli tanks rolled into the eastern parts of the coastal enclave. Media sources in Gaza said that fishing boats sailing off the northern coast of Gaza, were exposed to indiscriminate Israeli navy fire. The sources added that the Israeli naval vessels, forced fishing boats carrying several fishermen, to leave the shores immediately, impeding their ability to earn a living, just three nautical miles off the northern coast of Al-Sudaniya. This latest attack by the Israeli navy is part of a long series of aggression towards Palestinian fishermen, since Israel imposed a marine siege on the coastal enclave, back in 2007. Since then, Israel has restricted the fishing zone from between 3 and 9 nautical miles, along the Gaza’s 45-km-long coast.



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