Settlers assault Palestinian child

IMEMC 20/06/2020

A group of armed fanatic Israeli colonialist settlers, squatting on stolen Palestinian lands in direct violation of International Law, assaulted a child, Friday, near the West Bank city of Bethlehem, south of the occupied Palestinian capital, Jerusalem. Eyewitnesses said the child, only fifteen years of age, was attacked by a group of colonists near the al-Khader Palestinian town, south of Bethlehem. They added that the settlers first chased the child, identified as Wadea’ Fadi Salah, and pushed him down a cliff near his house in Abu Sood neighborhood in al-Khader. The child suffered various serious cuts and bruises, and was rushed to a hospital in Bethlehem city. Bethlehem is one of the main Palestinian areas of the West Bank where Israel continuously builds and expands its illegal colonies, and is subject to escalating violations by the colonists, and the soldiers.


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